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The Cooperative movement's first sound motion picture, "Here is Tomorrow," was completed during the year and released for distribution January 1, 1942. The picture was produced by Documentary Film Productions, Inc., for The Cooperative League. The camera crew traveled 6,000 miles shooting cooperatives in action as the basis for the movie.

A review of the film from a 1943 issue of Consumer Cooperation:

For the last five years, the first sound motion picture of the American Consumer Cooperative Movement has been "under consideration," "under discussion" or "in production." Today it is a reality. And those who have seen it have been unanimous in their conclusion that it was well worth waiting for.

"HERE IS TOMORROW" was produced by Documentary Film Productions, Inc. under the direction of Herbert Kerkow and Willard Van Dyke and is a dramatic story of common people who have met bitter economic problems and solved them. Congressman Jerry Voorhis said: "I only -wish everyone in America could see 'HERE IS TOMORROW' for it would give them renewed and substantial hope for the future."

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