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NCBA Member Benefit - Receive up to 60% off of Prescriptions

Dear Cooperators,


For those of you that I had the opportunity to meet at CCMA thank you! You made my first CCMA a memorable and amazing one and I look forward to connecting with you all again.


As you may or may not know, one of the benefits of your NCBA membership  is the option to distribute NCBA or cobranded discount pharmacy cards to  your members and/or staff for free! These cards provide members and their dependents with some of the lowest  prices on prescription drugs, averaging savings of between 10-60% on  most medications from more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide! These  cards could also be a great way for you to promote your food co-op and  your value and service to your members by giving away these cards  at your registers for free. Also did you know that every time that  someone swipes your card, your cooperative will receive a cash  incentive!


We think this is a very special and unique aspect of your NCBA  membership. In the coming weeks, please expect a call from Christian  Brower to  help  further explain this great feature and answer any  individual questions that you may have.


Thank you for choosing membership with NCBA and I look forward to seeing you all again at our Annual Meeting in MN!



In cooperation,



Brianna Gianti, Director of Membership Development & Services
National Cooperative Business Association

1401 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005-2160
Phone: 202-383-5484 | Cell: 845-283-4919 | Fax: 202-628-6726 |



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